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  • Our Top 10 Favourite Box Sets

    At this time of year, it finally becomes perfectly acceptable to laze around in your pyjamas for the whole day and truly indulge in a lazy weekend.

    Watching an endless spree of box sets is our go-to activity when the hibernation period kicks in, so here's a round-up of some of our all time favourites to while away the day...

    State of Play

    A gripping tale surrounding an MP and investigative journalist who get swept up in a murder case and uncover a conspiracy which links big-business corruption and the government. And with only six episodes, it's definitely watchable in a duvet day.

    The Good Wife

    The story follows Alicia who has gone back to practising law due to her husband, the former state’s attorney, finding himself at the front of a political corruption case and a very public sex scandal. A must watch if you enjoy a courtroom drama! 

    Peaky Blinders

    A BBC series based on a family of post-WW1 Birmingham gangsters, with Cillian Murphy playing the main character Tommy Shelby – an anti-hero you cannot help but love. Expect to see violence and scandal, all in the name of family as they try to navigate their way back into society post-war.

    The Affair

    A story showing the physical and psychological effects of an affair between Noah, a schoolteacher and father of four, and a waitress, Alison who is struggling to piece her life back together following the tragic loss of her child. Revealing different memories, season one is told through both their perspectives, while season two also shows the view points of both their spouses, Helen and Cole. 

    The Big Bang Theory

    This hilarious series follows roommates Leonard and Sheldon both respected physicists, try and find their way through life, including awkward social situations and baffling interactions with the opposite sex. 

    The Bridge

    When a body is found on the Øresund Bridge, connecting Sweden and Denmark, both police forces have to work together to solve the mystery of not only how she got there, but why she was placed directly in the middle of the bridge.

    Criminal Justice

    A five-episode award-winning series following the journey of Ben Coulter through the justice system, a young man accused of murder after a drink and drug-filled night out, despite being unable to remember the crime he has unknowingly committed.


    Set in Paris, Spiral is a French police and legal drama, following the day-to-day lives and work of six employees of the judicial system. A police captain, two lieutenants, a judge, a prosecutor and a lawyer are all evolved around a spiral of violence. 

    True Detective

    With two seasons to stick your teeth into, True Detective is an American anthology crime drama about the pursuit of a serial killer that spans over 17 years. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as a pair of Louisiana State Police homicide detectives, the show is celebrated for its outstanding cinematography and performances.

    The Fall

    Make sure to binge-watch the first two seasons of this suspense-filled psychological thriller, which examines the life of an eerily attractive serial killer and the feisty, uncompromising female detective on the hunt for him, as the third (and final) series is back this autumn!

    With so much to feast your eyes on, a devoted duvet day, snuggled up with a bank of new box sets calls for some cosy loungewear. Shop the full collection here.