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  • Five Autumn Skincare Tips From Oskia

    Autumn is most definitely here. The weather is getting colder, the days shorter and our skin is feeling the change. After partnering with skincare experts, Oskia, at our latest pop-up in Edinburgh we asked them to give us some tips on how to alter our skincare routine for the new season...

    Wardrobe and skincare overhauls are up there on our list of favourite things to do between seasons! The same way we add layers to our outfits as the temperatures drop, it's also important to add layers to our skincare routines to provide the skin with extra hydration. Switching to richer textures and more nourishing ingredients whilst re-introducing additional steps we may have overlooked throughout the summer are all essential to protect our skin against the elements. Now that autumn has well and truly begun, here are some basics to get you started...


    First up, cleansers. One of the most crucial steps in your routine. Autumn is the perfect time to introduce a richer, more nourishing cleanser that works to revive dehydrated complexions and protect against the elements. Our Perfect Cleanser, rich in soothing vitamins and prebiotics, is our current go-to. It works to hydrate, decongest and replenish the lipid barrier whilst cleansing and lifting away impurities. 

    Top Tip: Give your skin an illuminating boost with our Renaissance Cleansing Gel  in the morning to refresh and plump the complexion before makeup application. Then use Perfect Cleanser in the evening to deeply nourish, pamper and protect. 


    During the hot summer months our skin gets over-exposed to sun, pollution, high-level SPFs, insect repellents and more. So we have to work hard in autumn to renew and revitalise our complexion after the harsh effects of the months before. Keep an eye out for pigmentation-busting ingredients such as Vitamin C, Arbutin and Swiss Garden Cress Liposomes, which work to brighten and even the complexion whilst slowing down the process of melanin production.


    Our skin tends to become drier during the colder months, meaning a hydrating moisturiser is key. If you’ve been inconsistent with your moisturising habits, autumn is the season to add a super-hydrating formula into your routine both morning and evening. Our Bedtime Beauty Boost is wonderfully nourishing yet lightweight, containing a host of vitamins and nutrients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Omegas 3, 6 & 9, MSM and Swiss Apple Stem Cells - it leaves the skin silky smooth and visibly younger-looking. If your face is feeling extra dry, try using it in the morning too.


    Treating the skin to an added hydration booster, such as our Restoration Oil, is a brilliant skincare addition to keep moisture levels topped up. The beautifully scented oil is light in texture but packed full of nourishing oils and flower extracts to heal, hydrate and replenish your complexion throughout the autumn and winter seasons. The highly versatile oil can be used on its own in place of your usual moisturiser (we love it to prime skin before makeup application!) or you could massage a few drops into the skin as the last step in your routine to really seal in hydration.

    5. MIND & BODY

    Don’t forget to give yourself enough 'me' time during the cosiest of seasons. A little bit of pampering will go a long way to smooth any summer blues and help transition into the colder months. Light a candle, run a hot bath and relax with your favourite book and a cup of tea. Our Rose De Mai Treatment Candle is unique in that it doubles as a warm nourishing body oil while our Vitamin E Bath Oil contains over 30 floral and super berry oils to restore and soothe the mind and leave skin soft, smooth and beautifully scented.

    Visit the Oskia website for more ways to look after your skin this autumn!