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  • Five Binge-Worthy Box Sets

    Planning a weekend in your pyjamas attached to a remote control? As the nights gradually draw in, and daylight becomes a thing of the past, we love to relish in feeling no guilt about watching back-to-back box sets and catching-up on endless episodes of gripping TV.

    Here are five of our favourite series, which we deem highly binge-worthy...

    Top of the Lake

    It's been four years since Detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss) first appeared on our screens. Now the award winning programme is back, this time set in Sydney (and starring Nicole Kidman) as Griffin takes on another chilling case.


    First shown on BBC1, this six-part series focuses on Detective John River (Stellan Skarsgård), a disgruntled policeman who is haunted - quite literally - by the death of a colleague. 

    The Americans

    Set in the early 1980s during the Cold War, this gripping tale follows a young couple living a quintessentially suburban life in America. The twist? They are in fact KGB sleepers, plotting to bring down their adopted country.


    Set in the morally murky world of high finance with alpha males (and an alpha female), watch Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti go head to head in this guilty (and undeniably addictive) pleasure. 

    Line of Duty

    With four series to get glued to (and a new investigation in each), we came to this BBC British crime drama late, but have been thoroughly enjoying watching life in the dubious world of the police anti-corruption unit. 

    Wave goodbye to your social life and turn on hibernation mode, it's time to bed down with an unbeatable box set in some cosy new loungewear...