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  • Five Podcasts for Your Commute

    May it be back to work, back to school or just back to reality after a fun-filled summer, getting back into routine becomes considerably less daunting when you add some new podcasts to your daily commute! 

    From entertaining anecdotes and heartfelt tales to educational shows and laugh-out-loud-worthy episodes, shuffle around some phone storage and fire up your podcast app - here's five of our favourite podcasts to listen to on your way to work... 

    1. Modern Love

    Straight from the pages of The New York Times, Modern Love is a series of weekly reader-submitted essays that explore the joys, trials, tribulations and many magnitudes of modern day love. Read by memorable voices (such as January Jones, Colin Farrell and Cynthia Nixon) and followed by an interview with the essay writers themselves, prepare to have your heart stolen after just one episode. 

    2. Violet Sessions

    Hosted by Violet Bakery owner Claire Ptak and journalist Danielle Radojcin, and recorded over coffee and a slice of cake in the East London bakery-cafe, the Violet Sessions is a bi-monthly podcast series of talks "with interesting women who do incredible things". An absorbing listen, laugh along with the live audience and become engrossed in the compelling conversations and inspirational stories.

    3. S-Town

    From the geniuses behind This American Life and the ever-popular Serial, comes their latest investigative journalism podcast phenomenon S-Town. A fascinating murder mystery and exploration into human behaviour, which took place over the course of three years in the town of Woodstock, Alabama by the shows host Brian Reed. With only seven episodes to listen to - be warned this is a bingeable choice.

    4. Reply All

    Described simply as "a podcast about the Internet", join two witty guys (PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman) as they combine humour and skilled storytelling to tell weird and wonderful non-fiction tales about technology. An enlightening addition to your day, there are now over a hundred 20 minute long episodes to choose from! Our favourites included number 79 "Boy in Photo" and number 102 "Long Distance".

    5. You Must Remember This

    Whether you're a dedicated film fan or not, these captivating stories and haunting scandals from the Hollywood Golden Age are works of art for the ears. Featuring deeply researched tales about larger than life stars and the secrets behind their success along with their forgotten histories, all brought to life beautifully by film historian and writer Karina Longworth, you must.. recommend this to everyone you know!

    What's your favourite must-listen podcast? Let us know over on Twitter!