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  • 5 store cupboard dinners we’re making this week

    We love the satisfaction of big-batch cooking. But at the risk of resigning ourselves to an indefinite diet of homemade chilli, lasagne and banana bread, we’ve gone searching for some alternative and more interesting ways to use up kitchen staples this week. And we’re here to tell you: there’s hope for what’s in your cupboard. 

    Perhaps you’ve recently found yourself on the receiving end of way too many potatoes; or, maybe you’ve managed to get your hands on a fresh fruit and veg box, and are eyeballing the aubergine thinking, “What on earth am I going to do with you?”

    Well, it’s time to quit the default settings and dial up those dinners. While you might be able to turn those lemons into lemonade, you can also make a delicious sorbet, marmalade and a lemon and fennel risotto. 

    Here are five store cupboard dinners the hush team are cooking up this week – all made with minimal, easy-to-find ingredients. 

    Pasta al limone

    OK, you can probably guess who stocked up on lemons this week. Everybody needs at least two spaghetti recipes in their arsenal, and you’ll be grateful for this one from Bon Appetit when you’ve had quite enough of the bolognese. It’s simple, delicious and only needs seven ingredients. We recommend using at least two lemons, though (and no, we’re not just saying it to get rid of them…)  

    Follow this recipe from Bon Appetit.

    Image from Bon Appetit

    Peach and chickpea curry

    If you think fruit has no place in savoury food, make this and prepare to eat your words. Jack Monroe’s brilliant recipe for peach and chickpea curry was a game-changer for us long before we looked to mix up our store cupboard cooking. The subtle sweetness of the peaches cuts through the tomato, garlic and cumin spices and will make you wonder why you never thought to try it sooner. Oh, and at the price of 61p per 2 servings to make, it won’t break the bank either.

    Try this recipe from Jack Monroe.  

    Pappa al pomodoro soup

    Stale bread is good for more than just breadcrumbs. For this simple and satisfying soup recipe from Jamie Oliver, just tear off chunks of your stale ciabatta and add it to a sweet mix of tinned plum tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic and olive oil. It really is as easy as that – and, best of all, you don’t even need a blender. Just 21 mins, a good appetite and that final sprinkle of parmesan.  

    Try this recipe from Jamie Oliver.

    Image from Jamie Oliver

    Patatas bravas

    Pinch Of Nom’s lighter take on the popular Spanish dish might be a little different to how you’d usually prepare it, but it’s a great way to use up what’s in your cupboards. All you need is three large potatoes, two red onions, a tin of kidney beans, passata and a good spice mix (this recipe calls for a chipotle rub but, if you’re without, you can certainly make something as good as with a quick Google and your spice rack). Patatas bravas is so versatile you can serve it as a side or a main, or alongside little portions of everything else in your fridge: what we like to call ‘leftover tapas’.  

    Try this recipe from Pinch Of Nom.  

    Image from Pinch Of Nom

    Roast aubergine parmigiana

    Aubergines might not be a store cupboard staple, but they’ll be a familiar sight to anyone who has ordered a fresh veg box lately and and now has one aimlessly rolling around their salad drawer. Looking for inspiration for using them up? Try BBC Good Food’s hearty Mediterranean recipe on for size. There is arguably no better use for aubergine than to make the comforting and delicious melanzane alla parmigiana AKA aubergine parmigiana. Bellissimo! 

    Try this recipe from BBC Good Food.