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  • Five Tips for a Restful Night’s Sleep

    Founder and Creative Director of natural wellbeing brand Neom Organics, Nicola Elliott knows a thing or two about a game changing night's sleep. And as clocking up your beauty sleep can result in feeling (and inevitably looking) your best, here are her tried and tested tips for achieving a restful night's sleep... 

    "In short, sleep makes me happier, calmer and more energised – basically on my multi-tasking A-game. Not enough sleep and… let’s just say it’s not very pretty.

    In an ideal world, it would be nice to do an hour’s meditation or yoga before hitting the sack each night, but being honest, most of us haven’t got time for that. We’re all adults here so I’m not going to say things like ‘go to bed earlier’, it’s about finding the little things that work for you, the small steps that can make a big difference…"

    S T E P  1  :  U N P L U G 

    "Be mindful of your tech habits, try setting your devices to automatic mode after 8pm so your brain doesn’t get confused by the blue light, and try get into the habit of dimming all of your lights a couple of hours before bed, there’s nothing better than zoning out to the flicker of a candle!"

    S T E P  2  :  M A K E  T I M E  F O R  M I N E R A L S 

    "I take two Magnesium tablets each night before bed, our bodies are often deficient of Magnesium, it’s one of the minerals we use up most when stressed and busy so stock up, you can try salts in your bath too."

    S T E P  3  :  B A T H  B E F O R E  B E D 

    "For instant relaxation, try a hot bath… a few drops of the Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath & Shower Drops into running water and you’ll be straight on the path to sleep. Super-powerful oils hit you in an instant."

    S T E P  4  :  R E A D  T O  R E L A X 

    "Find a good book and try to read before going to sleep (as opposed to flicking through Instagram!), even if it’s just a chapter - it will make you physically put down your phone/laptop and it provides the perfect escapism to switch off from the day." 

    S T E P  5  :  G E T  C O S Y 

    "Make your sleep space a welcoming haven with freshly washed linen and a cosy atmosphere. We sleep best when in natural bedding and wearing breathable cotton clothes. Also try to make sure your room temperature is between 17-21 degrees - that’s your sleep sweet spot!"

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