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  • A Stylish Guide to New York

    New York is where I got my first big break,” says fashion illustrator Megan Hess. “It's always been good to me.”

    Her illustrations have become synonymous with the city since she illustrated Candace Bushnell’s bestselling book, Sex and the City. 

    After producing three beautifully illustrated fashion books herself, Megan's fourth book: New York Through a Fashion Eye is the perfect stylish guide to the big apple – as is Megan herself.

    So, to celebrate our current competition to win a four-night trip for two to New York (enter here!), we caught up with Megan to ask her some insider tips on the city that never sleeps...

    How would you describe New York to someone who has never been?

    I think New York is probably the most energetic city in the world. The type of city where you can get everything. It’s so expansive in terms of people and so diverse in terms of fashion. I think New York has so many personalities; you can really have a completely different experience depending on what you’re interested in when you go there.

    Describe your perfect day in New York...

    I’d grab a coffee and walk, starting uptown, around 5th Avenue - I love looking at the big flagship stores. Then make my way downtown, via Times Square - wandering around Soho, it's one of my favourite things to do in the city. I’d find a café, sit with a coffee or glass of wine, and sketch, before dinner at Balthazar.

    Breakfast Out: Nomo Soho 

    A balance between botanical and glamorous – it’s almost garden-like, but with huge chandeliers the full length of the ceiling. You’ll find yourself sitting next to street style bloggers trying to get the perfect shot of their dish.

    Lunch Break: Bergdorf Goodman 

    The store is one of my favourite spots in New York and the restaurant on Level 7 is so beautiful in pale blues, with really lovely wallpaper and huge egg-like blue velvet chairs. And it has THE best view over Central Park. (Tip: the lobster salad is amazing.)

    Dinner with Friends: Mercer Kitchen 

    Downstairs in the Mercer Kitchen is really fun. It has a great menu, it’s dark and serves fantastic cocktails.

    Girl's Night Out: Peninsula Hotel and Baccarat 

    I’d start with rooftop cocktails at the Peninsula Hotel and then dinner and drinks at Baccarat: we’d probably stay there until we shouldn’t be there!

    Dream date night: Balthazar’s 

    A first date is all about good lighting. This has the perfect lighting and serves good food! It's my favourite restaurant, one of those places I’ve been going to for years and I still get a rush of excitement every time I go. 

    Favourite Art Gallery: Artists Space, The Met and MOMA 

    In Soho there’s Artists Space, which is a really great gallery of smaller, more contemporary exhibitions. And I really love the Met and MOMA, although you never ever get through them all. MOMA Design Store downtown is also amazing, definitely worth doing!

    Must-see Tourist Spot: Central Park & Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

    Get a horse drawn carriage around Central Park in winter. When you’re wrapped in a blanket it’s so festive. Also, ice skating at the Rockefeller, with the huge tree. New York at Christmas is perfect.

    And lastly, describe New York in three words:

    Crazy, eclectic and inspiring.

    Megan is an international fashion illustrator, follow her on instagram @meganhess_official and visit her website here