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  • Architecture to Inspire

    Need a dose of inspiration? Here’s a roundup of our favourite architectural designs to boost your brain power, help you embrace the unconventional and trigger some innovative thinking... 

    The Foundation Louis Vuitton 

    Creator of dreams, architect Frank Gehry designed this iconic iceberg art museum in western Paris to promote art and culture in a truly unique space. With the help of LVMH, the innovative glass vessel houses 11 exhibition galleries and has become an utterly awe-inspiring landmark. 

    Photography by L'Officiel.

    Ribbon Chapel

    A completely contemporary take on a traditional building, the Ribbon Chapel architecturally embodies the act of marriage, where two spirals twist and turn into one. Imagine walking down the aisle enclosed by the entwined structure, surrounded by panoramic views of Japan’s ocean bays, rolling mountains and distant islands...

    Photography by A AS Architecture.

    The Dancing House

    The Fred and Ginger of architecture, the Dancing House is the well-known nickname for the Nationale-Nederlanden building in Prague. Designed by Vlado Milunic in collaboration with Frank Gehry (the brains behind The Foundation above), the eye-catching construction initially created controversey due to its eccentric design.

    Photography by Dino Quinzani.

    The Iceberg 

    An example of dynamic design on a grand scale, the Iceberg apartments in Denmark are (as you may have guessed) inspired by floating severed icebergs. With 11 pinnacles, the slanting roof spikes allow for maximum amounts of light and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

    Photography by Sailing Aarhus.

    Diagonal Zero Zero

    After two years of construction, the Diagonal ZeroZero building joined Barcelona’s skyline with its striking lattice exterior and tube-in-tube inspired design. Made from extra transparent glass and white aluminium, the high-tech skyscraper boasts 25 floors.

    Photography by E-Architect & Ruben PB.