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  • Behind the Scenes Summer 17

    For our summer 17 photoshoot, hush's Creative Director and Founder Mandy headed back home to Australia in search of sun, sea and sand to showcase our new collection

    Shot on location in the beautiful area of Byron Bay, we asked Mandy to tell us about the story behind the shoot and for an insider's guide of the places she discovered along the way...

    Where did you shoot this summer’s catalogue?

    Byron Bay in Australia, a beach town on the border of New South Wales and Queensland which is one of my very favourite places in the world. In fact, if I ever wanted to pack up and run, I’d probably end up in Byron Bay.

    In this new life, I have a weatherboard house overlooking the beach with a veggie patch out back, I spend my mornings perfecting my downward dog, I make delicious meals from organically grown local produce (because I have of course magically transformed into a great cook), I surf in the mornings and I work in the afternoons doing exactly what I’m doing now but without any of the stressful bits... 

    And what was the theme behind this year's photo shoot?

    We wanted to capture life in Byron. We worked with what we found, which given the beauty of the surroundings, the sunshine, the friendly locals and abundance of cool little cafes made for a very easy shoot.

    It was just before Christmas, my photographer and her assistant came over from Europe, my mum flew up from Melbourne to help – and the shoot really had a holiday vibe. This is my 14th year of shooting hush catalogues and I think it was my favourite.

    Where did you stay?

    We stayed in Bangalow, which is about a 10 minute drive from Byron Bay. The town is tiny but with lots of great shops (an added bonus).

    The inside shots from the photoshoot were taken in a gorgeous home called Haveli owned by the lovely and very talented Heidi, who also happens to own an amazing shop of the same name selling Indian and Balinese antiques, furniture and textiles.

    Which beaches did you shoot on?

    I once read that there are more than 10,000 beaches in Australia – so many that you could go to a different beach every day for 30 years.

    However, Byron definitely has some of the most beautiful. My favourite is Tallows with its blue water and white sand stretching as far as the eye can see. There's a popular walk from Byron to the lighthouse (which if I lived there I'd obviously do every day before my yoga session, green juice and quinoa pancakes!), but the view of Tallows beach from the top is breathtaking - one of those sights that really stops you in your tracks.

    Needless to say, we shot at Tallows but also at Wategos, which is much smaller and great for surfing.

    What about shopping?

    Both Byron and Bangalow have an extraordinary number of cool shops and cafes. Both are small and easy to explore on foot. A few of my favourites (which is where I’ll go when I need to furnish my bungalow on the beach!) are: 

    • Hope and May is a bit of a personal obsession. I have whiled away far too much time on their website and Instagram...
    • Ahoy Traders, I love their ceramic crosses, their bed linen and their very cool quote candles by Damselfly.
    • Island Luxe. It’s oh so beautiful, one of my favourite shops in the world.

    Where did you eat?   

    In Bangalow we ate at Our Corner Kitchen and Woods Cafe, both delicious and beautiful places to sit and watch the world go by…

    The Farm is a stunning 80-acre working farm just outside Byron and is also a must-visit. It includes a baker, a florist, a takeaway coffee stall, organic produce stalls, a yoga studio and a restaurant.

    And finally, which are your favourite pieces from the new collection?

    Five of my favourite styles (which were also the samples I lived in when we were out there) include the And Tee, Kelsey Dress, Sequin Vest, Hawaiian Joggers (perfect for the incredibly long plane journey) and Crete Striped Tunic

    Enjoy the full behind the scenes footage from our latest summer shoot...

    Shop Mandy's favourites pieces or the summer 17 collection here!