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  • Female DJ Duos: BLOND:ISH

    Aptly named after a party night the pair started at a club in Montreal back in 2008, friends Anstascia and Vivie-Ann from BLOND:ISH are no strangers to international gigs, summer residencies and new label debuts...

    Did you always want to be a DJ?

    Anstascia: I’ve always been really passionate about music, but thought I would pursue a career in fashion. Then music took over my life and my heart. 

    Vivie-Ann: Nope. When I was four I wanted to be a kinesiologist, then a dentist, until I played my first gig at Guy Laliberte’s house during the Grand Prix in Montreal – suddenly it was all about DJing! 

    How did you break into the music scene? 

    A: In 2008 we started a weekly party called BLOND:ISH at the Cherry Club in Montreal and it became a hit! We did that for about a year and that propelled us to start traveling the world as DJs.

    Career highlight? 

    V: Signing our first album to Kompakt back in 2015 called Welcome To The Present. We made it in the jungle of Tulum in a very experimental stage of our career. It was probably way ahead of its time!

    What does your summer schedule look like? 

    A: Europe, Europe, Europe, Burning Man, Europe! V: It’s going to be pretty insane and is our biggest summer ever! We’re playing loads in Ibiza at Woomoon, Circoloco, and Hï. And we’ll be staying mostly in Europe for the rest of the shows at various festivals and clubs.

    Best gig ever? 

    A: Every Burning Man! There is nothing better than playing in the deep playa on top of an art car in front of a sea of people all on the same dusty vibe. 

    Dream place to headline? 

    A: Sunwaves in Romania – it’s a real music paradise rave marathon. 

    V: Time Warp, the Olympics, and the Met Gala are all on my bucket list.

    Summer anthem? 

    A: Cheekon - our latest track coming out on our new label Abracadabra records. 

    V: Our remix Zhu x Tame Impala, My Life.

    Track that gives you goosebumps? 

    V: Not quite goosebumps but it makes me feel fuzzy - the last Polo & Pan album is perfect for summer.

    Favourite closing track? 

    A: Chaim by Love Rehab.

    Favourite music festival? 

    A: Burning Man. 

    V: The Gardens of Babylon - Monastery.

    Next music venture? 

    A: Live electronic next level sound meditations with modular psychedelic visuals! 

    I never travel without…

    A: My sleep-anywhere-kit: earplugs, travel pillow and an eye mask.

    V: My Biologique Recherche face products.

    My suitcase essentials are…

    A: Raw energy bars, vitamins, Doterra essential oils and oil of oregano to prevent getting sick!

    V: Doterra essential oils. I use clove essential oil to wipe down the area around me on flights, and I love peppermint for focus and energy on the road. I also use sandalwood for grounding, basically whatever the doctor ordered in oils. 

    Desert island beauty product (we’ll give you SPF)…

    A: Coconut Oil Lip Balm and my Biologique Recherche P50 facial in a bottle.

    V: I would say P50 as well because it’s for sensitive skin.

    Over packer or under packer?

    A: Definitely an over packer.

    V: Under packer! I’ve learnt the art of under packing. Key is two pairs of shoes, that take up no space. And pack all your liquids in smaller bottles.

    Summer style uniform?

    A: Sandals and kimonos. 

    V: Two-pieces, festival wear and lots of colour! 

    Poolside book?

    V: Awakening The Third Eye by Samuel Sagan.

    Favourite holiday destination?

    A: Bali or India.

    V: India definitely, I try to go once every two years for a solid recharge and to peel off some new layers for self-exploration. Also, in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula there’s a little place I love to go to. It’s the perfect private beach, deep in the jungle.

    Sunrise or sunset?

    A: Both! 

    V: Sunset. If I wasn’t a DJ and had a more normal sleeping schedule I would say sunrise. Love starting the day with it. 

    Life motto?

    A: 'Abracadabra' - I create as I speak. 

    V: Live in truth. Let’s evolve together. 

    Listen to BLOND:ISH on SoundCloud here or follow them on Instagram @blondish and Twitter @blond_ish!