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  • Caramel Apples

    Whether you're after a Halloween-worthy dessert or have suddenly remembered (remember..) the fifth of November is this weekend, this easy autumnal sweet treat is an all round crowd-pleaser! 

    And despite being coated in a mix of toasted nuts, shredded coconut and melted dark chocolate, this healthy take on the classic caramel-dipped apple recipe will make ticking off one of your five-a-day even easier... 

    Caramel Apples

    Serves 6

    I N G R E D I E N T S

    ½ cup natural sugar (coconut sugar, turbinado or unrefined cane sugar) 
    ½ cup coconut cream or full-fat coconut milk
    ¼ cup pure maple syrup
    ½ tsp pure vanilla extract
    ¼ tsp sea salt
    6 apples

    For the toppings:
    ¼ cup shredded coconut, lightly toasted
    ½ cup chopped nuts (pecans, almonds or nut of your choice), lightly toasted
    ½ cup chopped dark chocolate, melted

    You also will need:
    6 wooden sticks, popsicle sticks or twigs!

    M E T H O D 

    Line a small baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Wash the apples and dry them well. Push wooden sticks, popsicle sticks or twigs into the top of each apple, and set aside while you prepare the caramel.

    Place sugar in a medium saucepan, along with 2 tablespoons of water. Heat over medium-high heat until the sugar is completely dissolved and becomes dark and thick. Slowly add the coconut cream and maple syrup and stir well to combine. Reduce to medium heat and let simmer for 8-9 minutes, or until the caramel has slightly reduced and starts to thicken, stirring frequently. The caramel should be thick enough to easily coat your apples. Remove from the heat, add vanilla and sea salt and whisk again. Transfer into a heatproof bowl and place in the fridge to cool for at least 15 minutes. The caramel will continue to thicken as it sets.

    Prepare your desired toppings and place them into small bowls. Dip each apple into the cooled caramel and let the extra caramel drip off. Then immediately roll into your desired topping. If using chocolate, drizzle melted chocolate around the apple (after it’s been dipped into the caramel), and press into another topping if you’d like. Place coated apples on the prepared baking sheet and place in the refrigerator to set before serving.

    Store any leftover caramel in an airtight container or jar in the refrigerator. It makes a delicious sauce for dipping raw sliced apples, or as a topping for pancakes, waffles or ice cream.

    Recipe & photography by The Green Life