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  • Design a Pyjama Print - The Winner

    Earlier this year, we joined forces with Emerald Street to offer our customers and their readers the chance to design a pyjama print for our Christmas 16 collection!

    We received hundreds of entries from which a host of judges, including our Creative Director and Designer Mandy, had to choose a winner...

    And after um-ing and ah-ing over an incredible short list, the judges chose Isabella Bunnell's stunning bird print pattern!

    Here's her gorgeous design, which will be brought to life and sold in our Christmas collection next season...

    We caught up with Isabella to find out what inspired her beautiful design and how she likes to spend a night in, in her PJ's.... 

    What do you do?

    I'm actually a freelance illustrator based in Glasgow. I work on a combination of commercial and self initiated briefs and run my own online shop selling illustrated goods. I have an obsession with paint, bright colours, pattern and animals (especially sausage dogs).

    The theme for this was inspired by the word Nostalgia.  What makes this design nostalgic to you?

    The design is nostalgic to me because it's based on vintage floral designs, the type that adorns a dress your Grandma wore and lines the insides of vintage handbags. Furthermore the addition of a bird was important to me, as a child I was obsessed with the robin in the Secret Garden, I wanted to have some birds nestling in between the branches, it reminds me of my childhood. 

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Eclectic, colourful & comfortable. I always wear flat shoes and believe skinny jeans are the enemy. 

    Describe your perfect night in...

    Red wine, snacks and a ridiculous amounts of trash TV with my boyfriend, we currently are binge watching the Batchelor.... although he probably won't want people to know that. 

    A massive thank you to everyone who entered, we loved receiving your beautiful designs! Shop our current pyjama collection here