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  • Ella Gregory

    We’re big fans of Ella’s Modern Feminine aesthetic, which we’d describe as an edgy twist on your typical girly style. Lover of cosy cashmere and glossy coffee table books, Ella shares daily doses of attainable style inspiration via her blog Coco's Tea Party, which has been featured in a range of publications including Marie Claire and Grazia. 

    From mastering florals to layering with leather, she’s our contemporary feminine crush - so we asked Ella to be one of our four style ambassadors for our 'Style Personality' campaign (take the quiz here to find out your style!), to create a pretty yet practical feminine edit and share her style secrets on 'how to get the modern feminine look' in a workshop at our up and coming pop-in event

    We caught up with Ella to talk tea parties, seasonal dressing and trashy TV... 

    What inspired you to start Coco’s Tea Party – tell us the story behind it?

    I started Coco’s Tea Party when I was 16, and at the time it was just a hobby. I never expected I would still be blogging ten years later – and I definitely never thought it might one day become my job. In the early years of the blog most of the posts centered around celebrity style (I was a huge fan of the Olsen twins), and it was simply an outlet for me to share what I was passionate about.

    What’s the secret to your success?

    I was lucky to start Coco’s Tea Party at a time when there was less competition, so that definitely made it easier to get noticed. But really it all comes down to hard work and serious dedication.

    What did you do beforehand?

    I started blogging at 16, so I didn’t do much beforehand. Other than crush on Justin Timberlake and watch a lot of The O.C.

    What was your plan B?

    If I hadn’t gone full-time with Coco’s Tea Party I would have continued interning at magazines and worked my way up through the ranks. It was always my dream to edit a glossy fashion publication, but by the time I was in that environment the blog had started to take off and was providing so many amazing opportunities. Now I can’t imagine not working for myself. I find it so rewarding.

    Who's your style inspiration?

    I love the way Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Palermo put outfits together. They both manage to look sophisticated, modern and feminine – even when they’re experimenting with an OTT trend.                                                                                                                    

    How would you define your style?

    I think my style is heavily influenced by the seasons. In the summer I gravitate towards a more bohemian look, but for the rest of the year I stick to classic, feminine pieces that are easy to dress up or down.

    Which style essentials couldn’t you live without?

    I spend 80% of my time in skinny jeans. Especially during the winter. And I also couldn’t live without a couple of lightweight, printed blouses and a great biker jacket.

    What do you wear to feel dressed up?

    A great pair of heels always make me feel more dressed up. Even if I’m just wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt.

    Is there something you would never wear?

    I find that retro, ‘50s-inspired silhouettes don’t really work for my shape. So I tend to steer clear of them.

    Any fashion regrets?

    I grew up in the ‘90s and early 2000’s, so my childhood and teens are literally littered with poor style decisions. Why did everything come adorned with rhinestones?!

    What’s your favourite season for fashion?

    Summer. I find it very freeing to be able to throw on a pretty sundress and head straight out the door. It’s far more effortless.

    What’s your favourite item from the hush spring 17 collection?

    Gosh, there are so many! I love the blush pink blazer, as I think that’s a real “love forever” piece. And the culotte jumpsuit is also a lot of fun.

    Who is your role model, and why?

    I absolutely adore Nora Ephron. She was such an incredibly smart, funny and daring woman. I re-read many of her essays every year.

    What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

    To trust my gut when it comes to big decisions.

    What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

    To stop overthinking. It will all be okay.

    Fantasy Girls’ Night Out. You get to choose six women to spend the evening with. Who? And where do you go?

    I’d invite Beyoncé, Adele, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler and we’d have dinner on a rooftop in Brooklyn, overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

    We think female friendships are something that should be treasured and celebrated. What quality do all your friends share?

    A silly sense of humour.

    What’s the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

    That everyday I secretly daydream about moving to Nashville to become a country singer. I love country music!

    How do you unwind?

    I like to watch really trashy reality TV. At the moment The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows are my favourites.

    Next adventure?

    I’m hoping to buy my first apartment this year. So it’s all about adventures at home. I can’t wait to decorate! I have Pinterest boards full of inspiration.

    Home is…?

    South West London.

    Night in or night out?

    Night in.

    Favourite blog/website?

    Cup of Jo.

    Book you wish you’d written?

    American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld.

    Film you’d like to see a sequel of?

    When Harry Met Sally.

    Song that always gets you dancing?

    Freak by Chic.

    Favourite tipple?

    Gin and tonic.

    Best holiday destination?

    New York City.

    Favourite scent?

    I have too many, but typically anything with Amber.

    What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?



    Expensive bed sheets.

    Life motto?

    Everything will be alright in the end. And if it’s not alright it’s not the end. 

    York Off Shoulder Top, Byron Jacket, Riviera Jumpsuit

    Ever wondered how to make your wardrobe feel more feminine? Come meet Ella and hear her style secrets at our Pop-in Shop style workshop (sign up here!). Follow Ella on Instagram @cocosteaparty and shop her edit here