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  • Gone Girl

    Someone walking around our house the other day saw my recently finished copy of Gone Girl and said: “Ah, that’s the book that everyone’s talking about.” And it does seem that Gone Girl is one of those books. I was put onto it by my sister-in-law and, having read and really enjoyed it, I’m passing it on...

    I’ll try not to ruin too much of the story by giving you a brief synopsis, but if you really don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now and go and buy/borrow/download the book. 

    Okay, so the story sees Nick Dunne come home from work one day to find his wife Amy gone – and himself the prime suspect in her disappearance.  But did he do it? We don’t know.

    The first half of the book is told through the alternating voices of him and her – he as a live narrator, her via her diary entries. And the two accounts of their marriage do not tally.  He portrays Amy as a difficult, uncompromising woman who resents the fact that he has moved her from New York to the small town where he grew up and makes no effort to make friends.  Her diary entries paint herself in a much more favourable light – she is the model wife who has tried to fit in with her new surroundings, her husband is bitter about losing his journalist’s job and is increasingly angry and violent towards her.

    But it is in the second half of the book that the story really takes off as we learn – look away now of you don’t want to know – that Nick has been having an affair and in revenge Amy (who is still alive but in hiding) has concocted the diary to try to frame her husband for her murder...

    There has been quite a bit of debate about this book, some people tend to like one half better than the other. I have to say I wasn’t convinced at the beginning: Amy’s diary entries, in particular, smacked a bit of chick lit, but I enjoyed the book more and more as I read on and was completely hooked well before the end.

    Read it – and pass it on...

    Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn