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  • How To Do The Party Season in Style

    Stacey Duguid grew up wanting to be Linda Evangelista – but fell into fashion PR because she had “no clue what I wanted to do”. It turned out she was pretty good at it. Following stints at Paul Smith, Giorgio Armani and Prada, she was offered the role of Executive Fashion Editor at ELLE. She worked there for a decade, during which time was the pen behind the magazine’s anonymous ‘Mademoiselle’ column, detailing the life, style and parties of an ‘ELLE girl’.

    Today, Stacey flexes her fashion credentials as The Pool’s fashion columnist; as Acting Executive Fashion Editor at Porter; and she has just launched a new blog Nico & Nate with her friend and fellow fashion editor, Natalie Wansbrough-Jones. It’s a bit of a change from her Mademoiselle days, when she jetted around the globe for the international shows and was a fixture at every fashion party. But she definitely has the credentials to advise on negotiating the party season in serious style. Essential ingredients: dressed-up denim, (walkable) heels and good friends.

    Who's your style inspiration?

    It’s changeable and quite random. I’ve always loved 90s grunge, denim, vintage blouses, floral dresses, brogues and ankle boots, but right now I’m in a ‘dressed up to the eyeballs’ phase. (I reckon it’s to do with tiredness: the more tired I am, the more ridiculously dressed up I become.)

    I obsess over the catwalks (especially Preen, Dries Van Noten, Marni and Prada), but buy mostly high street pieces mixed with Preen and expensive denim (it’s the one thing I can’t scrimp on).  I pick up styling tricks from street style, magazines, Instagram and work colleagues, and I’m constantly on the look out for new ideas because, don’t forget, figuring out how your clothes works together and how to stay modern takes time. Never believe a woman who says, ‘What? This old thing?’ I bet she spent hours getting ready!

    How would you sum your personal style?

    As above. I’ve worn had the same style since I was fourteen when I discovered second-hand shops in Edinburgh.

    What do you wear to feel dressed up?

    High heels – and I’m talking modest high heels, not the skyscrapers of my youth!

    What are the essential pieces in your wardrobe?

    Dresses: I tend to find a good one and wear it day-in, day-out; tailoring - as in a good jacket - and denim.

    Is there something you would never wear?

    I would never, ever wear fur.

    Any fashion regrets?

    The net catsuit I wore clubbing in the Nineties...

    How has your party style changed since your Mademoiselle days?

    I tend to get home before 8am! My philosophy is always be a slightly ‘done up’ version of yourself. So in my case, that would mean wearing jeans with high heels instead of trainers. 

    What’s your essential party piece now?

    I genuinely don’t have one. I wish I had, it would save so much time! One thing I do love is a jazzy jacket – I own quite a few! (‘jazzy’ = embroidered or velvet or sequined or something like that.)

    What makes you feel ready to party?

    The honest answer is my friends, although the best nights out always involve jeans, heels and one of my many jazzy jackets.

    And how about your ‘going out’ beauty look?

    Absolutely everything for sale at Charlotte Tilbury; I’ll take the lot. Especially the chunky bronze eyeliner and the Wonder Glow face cream, both of which I wear every single day. I’ve given up wearing foundation; I found it ageing in my early forties. Less is definitely more on all accounts these days.

    Tell us about your latest project/blog...

    I’ve just started a blog for parents with my friend and fellow fashion editor Natalie Wansbrough-Jones. It’s in its infancy, but eventually we plan to cover fashion, interiors, careers and advice. Our style has a tomboy attitude, which isn’t the norm for ‘mum blogs’.  I’m very proud of the families and quality of photography we’ve managed to produce so far. It’s something I love working on and can’t wait to develop further (when I can find the time).

    You’re currently….

    Reading... Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

    Watching... Documentaries on Netflix – 13th, HyperNormalisation, that kind of thing.

    Listening to... All the latest dance releases – listening to very loud house music is how I let go of stress, especially when running.


    Eleanor Sequin Top, Edie Jacket, Stretch Silk Trousers, Diamante Star Cuff Earrings, Emma Jumpsuit, Cecilia Silk Shirt, Skinny Silk Scarf, Satin Back Shorts, Classic Suede Heels

    Shop all party wear here! Visit Stacey's blog here and follow her on Instagram @staceyduguid.