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  • Huts & Hideaways

    Ever thought about owning a she shed? 

    We hadn't given it much thought either, until Suffolk based writer and artist Gill Heriz put together A Woman's Huts and Hideawaysa charming collection of enchanting small spaces, created by women, for women. 

    "It's a place where I can leave the chaos of a busy family life behind and just focus on making things and playing around with new ideas."

    Following on from Gill's first book A Woman's Shed, Huts & Hideaways is an inspiring book which delves down the garden path to explore 40 different types of idyllic outdoor space. 

    Describing herself as "self-confessedly nosy", Gill ventured past numerous garden gates across the globe to bring us this compliation of female-style hideaways, after being inspired by the excellent selection of she sheds she found in her local area alone. 

    The nearest thing to a tiny home, these unique spaces are used to create, to work, to reflect, and to escape. Some can even be rented on Airbnb, or visited for workshops and social gatherings. 

    So here are some of our favourite rustic retreats from Gill's latest offering...

    The Urban Upholstery Shed 

    Surrounded by a plethora of pot plants, this shed is a functional workplace owned by Alex in Acton, West London. It's where she works on old furniture, upholstering, revamping and creating bespoke pieces, lite by the large crittall windows. 

    The Pop-Up Yurt 

    The ultimate excuse for a party, this mini mogolian-style yurt pops up in the Lindsey's garden every summer and is an eyecatching feature amongst the meadows. We love that the wooden structure and white canvases can easily be packed away year on year. 

    The Enchanting Eco-Shed 

    Tucked away in the trees, this hut is one of the many recycled spaces at Alde Garden, a eco-campsite in Suffolk. Reachable by large log steps, Marie's hideaway is built on wheels and boasts a small veranda perfect for catching the evening sun.  

    "I can retreat up here and no one knows I'm here, but I can still keep an eye on the outside if I want..."

    The Inspiring Studio Space 

    Finally, Martha's art studio at the bottom of her Gloucestershire garden is now on our wishlist as a truly ideal workspace. Losing hours in here to her easel, the children's book illustrator uses this magical space surrounded by beauty for inspiration and to bring her ideas to life. 

    A Woman's Huts and Hideaways, by Gill Heriz, published by CICO Books, all photography by Nicolette Hallett.