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  • Marie Hindkaer

    Copenhagen-based Marie Hindkaer Wolther’s laid-back look is the exact epitome of what we envision ‘urban’ dressing to be. A known face on the Fashion Week circuit, her blog Blame It On Fashion is a one stop shop for Scandi-cool outfit inspiration. With the weekend wardrobe of our dreams - Marie’s relaxed style makes her our urban legend.

    Now the urban style ambassador in our 'Style Personality' campaign (take the quiz here to find out your style!), Marie is flying all the way over from Copenhagen to share her tips and tricks for achieving that much sought after urban look at our up and coming pop-in shop! We caught up with the Scandi blogger, YouTuber and beauty director at Costume Magazine...

    What inspired you to start Blame It On Fashion – tell us the story behind it?

    When I started Blame It On Fashion I had already been blogging for two years with one of my best friends. We were among the first to make a business out of blogging in Denmark. In 2011 I moved to Los Angeles with my boyfriend, and it felt like the right moment to create my own outlet for style and inspiration.

    What’s the secret to your success?

    Be genuine, have fun and work hard.

    What did you do beforehand?

    I was working at Costume magazine for 5 years before I moved to Los Angeles and started my blog. My titles included Stylist, Junior Fashion Editor and Fashion Writer.

    What was your plan B?

    I didn’t have one, and I think that’s one of the reason why I made it this far.

    Who's your style inspiration / who are your style heroes?

    I get a lot of my inspiration from street style and during fashion weeks I’m always excited to see what Gilda Ambrosio, Natasha Goldenberg, Eleanora Carisi and Leandra Medine come up with.

    How would you sum up your personal style?

    My style is a mix of luxury and highstreet. I like to think of my style as being effortless, contemporary, Scandinavian, often with a boyish twist. I love playing with textures and silhouettes.

    Which style essentials couldn’t you live without?

    A great pair of jeans and an awesome jacket.

    What do you wear to feel dressed up?

    I love to slip into a floor skimming dress paired with flats, or my favourite high waist denim teamed with a girly top and heels.

    Is there something you would never wear?


    Any fashion regrets?

    I’ve promised myself not to jump into super skinny bleached jeans ever again. Thanks to a street style photographer I realised that they do no good for my legs.

    What’s your favourite season for fashion?


    What’s your favourite item from the hush spring 17 collection?

    I really love the Fitzgerald Jacket. It works with everything!

    What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

    Follow your heart. You’ll be fine.

    Fantasy Girls’ Night Out. You get to choose six women to spend the evening with. Who? And where do you go?

    On a space ship with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Anna Wintour… No, honestly I would much rather spend the evening with 6 of my best friends and lots of food and wine on a cosy restaurant.

    We think female friendships are something that should be treasured and celebrated. What quality do all your friends share?

    Loyalty and honesty.

    What’s the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

    That I’m actually really shy.

    How do you unwind?

    This is where I wish I could tell you that yoga or running help me unwind… The truth is I love watching bad TV shows on the sofa. If I need to clear my mind I take my dogs for a long walk.

    Next adventure?

    YouTube. I recently created my own channel and it’ll be one of the things that I’ll put a lot work into this year. Also I’m working on some big changes on the blog as we speak… Stay tuned!

    Home is…

    Where my boys are.

    Night in or night out?

    Night in if it’s Winter, and night out if it’s Summer.

    Favourite blog/website?

    The Coveteur.

    Book you wish you’d written?

    Does Vogue count?

    Film you’d like to see a sequel of?


    Song that always gets you dancing?

    Anything Beyonce, Justin Bieber or Rihanna…

    Favourite tipple?

    White wine.

    Best holiday destination?

    Los Angeles.

    Favourite scent?

    Santal 33 from Le Labo.

    What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?



    Louis Vuitton.

    Life motto?

    Love is everything, treat others the way you want to be treated, and never make eye contact while eating a banana.

    Fitzgerald Jacket, Kafka Jacket, Frayed Cuff Jumper

    Meet Marie at our Pop-in Shop and learn how to add a little urban attitude to your look in her style workshop (sign up here!), follow her on Instagram @mariehindkaer or shop her urban edit here!