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  • Mother-Daughter Duos: Astrid and Gigi Ruckert

    Mother-and-daughter duo, Astrid and Gigi Ruckert, are freelance stylists who work together on a range of projects, from set and interior design, to photography and fashion styling (including some gorgeous campaigns for us!). Amsterdam-based, Astrid bought Gigi up in a house bursting with creativity, so perhaps the birth of their business in 2015 wasn’t all that surprising. Today, both are involved in all facets of their company and both have equal roles which is something they pride themselves on. We sat down with the pair to find out what it’s like keeping it in the family…

    Tell us a bit about your business?  

    Astrid: I have been in this industry since my daughters were young so they grew up with a mum making props, furnishings and colour schemes at home. At first Gigi didn’t want to have anything to do with this creative job but then I was working on a film project in Morocco and needed costumes and props. I asked Gigi to source them for me in Europe and bring them over to Morocco and that was our first job together.  

    Gigi: Having all the props and clothing around the house at a young age it was inevitable that I was going to be doing something creative. But it took me a while to accept this, because, let's face it, its every child’s nightmare to turn into their parents! But, once I did and we started working together, we never looked back. 

    What are your roles?  

    Astrid: We are equal in our jobs, for us it is mostly bouncing ideas off eachother, and defining a clear vision of how we want a project to look.  

    What’s the best part of working together? 

    Astrid: You only need half a word to explain what it is that you see, feel or want - we completely share the same references. You can say “oh, it looks to much like so and so”, and then we’ll both know exactly what it is.  

    Gigi: Literally, all you need is one look. That is the best part, this way everything runs quickly and smoothly. And we each know exactly what we want, we can be very honest and straightforward with each other.  

    What’s the worst part of working together?  

    Astrid: I am sure she gets fed up of me sometimes, being in her life a lot.  

    Gigi: There isn’t a worst part I would say!  

    How do you keep family and business separate?  

    Astrid: When it's a creative business you can’t really separate things, but that doesn’t bother us.  

    Gigi: It's not really separate even on our days off we will still talk about work. Only difficult thing is that I have to remember to call her Astrid on set and not mum!  

    What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?  

    Astrid: Realizing your daughter is a grown up now, and knowing when not to be the mum.  

    Gigi: Not saying mum on set!  

    What’s been your proudest moment so far?  

    Astrid: Seeing my daughter become who she wants to be, growing as a person and having a great work ethic and attitude towards people.  

    Gigi: Seeing my mum thrive in her job, learning more from her each day and each job we do together! I’m very proud of her.  

    How do you celebrate your successes together?  

    Astrid: Having a drink and a nice Lebanese meal.  

    Gigi: Maroush is our favourite Lebanese restaurant in London. 

    Any advice for budding mother-daughter business owners?  

    Astrid: Give her confidence, it all starts with confidence and then she will grow.  

    Gigi: Don’t forget to give each other a compliment every now and then and always respect each other. 

    Follow Astrid on Instagram @astridruckert and Gigi @gigi.styling!