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  • On The Basis Of Sex

    More than just a classic underdog tale, this film left us feeling empowered and appreciative. The two decades of Ginsburg’s life documented in the biopic capture her passion and determination in a fight which, even to this day, is far from over. Not to be missed, the inspirational film will be released in cinemas from 22nd February. 

    Opening with a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a blue dress (her signature look) amidst a sea of grey suits, we learn that she is one of the few female students ‘lucky’ enough to attend Harvard law school in the late 1950s. Despite graduating top of her class, she struggles to find work; navigating the obstacles of being a woman in her field, where her ‘emotional state’ and family life are hot  topics when interviewing at numerous law firms.

    As the years pass, with a job as a law professor specialising in sex discrimination, Ruth becomes ever more frustrated at her inability to make any real change. A desire to swap classroom for courtroom to right the wrongs of an unequal society grows stronger. 

    So, when her husband Marty brings her a tax case involving the discrimination of a male on the basis of his gender, Ruth jumps at the chance to investigate further, knowing this could be the case that shatters a century of gender discrimination. The husband and wife team join forces and bring the revolutionary case before the U.S. Court of Appeals, finally having an inroad to attack the plethora of laws that diminish the rights of women.  

    Not only is this true story an inspiring origins tale of one of the most important figures in US legal history, it’s a snapshot of a not-too-distant discriminatory culture. When attitudes were changing, young women were questioning their rights and standing up to the powers that be. Ginsburg’s young daughter skips school to attend protests and regularly clashes with her ever-challenging, opinionated mother on the struggles of womanhood.  

    Propelled by a dynamic cast, compelling script and oodles of 70s nostalgia, this film is a true testament to the resilience of one woman in the fight for gender equality.

    In cinemas from the 22nd February, view the trailer below: