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  • Mandy’s Top Five Reads

    We love reading at hush, so we wanted to give you a rundown of the top five books that hush Creative Director & Founder, Mandy, has read and reviewed this year, in the hope to inspire you and your reading list!

    My Policeman - Bethan Roberts

    "A moving tale of Tom Burgess (the policeman of the title) and the two people who loved him – his down-to-earth wife Marion and Patrick, a debonair museum curator. It is told through the characters of Marion and Patrick, he in a contemporary journal (written for himself and therefore of dubious authority) and she 40 years later after she has taken Patrick in to recuperate after a severe stroke. A really good book and a reminder, if one were needed, of how intolerance can ruin lives." - My Policeman

    Still Missing - Beth Gutcheon

    "There are some things that are guaranteed to bring even the most laid-back mother out in a cold sweat and one forms the plot of Still Missing – the nightmare that would be a child going missing. On May 15 1980, six-year-old Alex Selky kisses his mother goodbye, skips down the steps of the family’s New England home, turns the corner to walk the two blocks to his school and disappears apparently off the face of the earth. The mother’s conviction in her belief that Alex is still alive is unshakeable as days, weeks and months go by – and the initial sympathy fades, along with the support of her friends, allies and even (or perhaps especially) her ex-husband. I loved the characters, the relationships, the mother’s determination to defy the wisdom of the world around her, the suspense…and the ending." - Still Missing

    The Reader - Bernhard Schlink

    "I had a bad case of deja lu when I started to read The Reader – a nagging feeling that I'd read it before.It's possible – the book (which has just been made into a film that could give Kate Winslet her first Oscar) was published over 10 years ago and my memory isn't always the best. Or it could be that it's the second recently-filmed book about the Holocaust that I've read in as many months after The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, which I also really enjoyed (if that's the right word). However, if I have read it before, I certainly didn't finish it as the ending still came as a surprise to me. But it is beautifully written and about things that are relevant to all of us." - The Reader

    Unnaccustomed Earth - Jhumpa Lahiri

    "Unaccustomed Earth is a collection of short stories, like Jhumpa Lahiri's first book Interpreter Of Maladies, which I have recommended in the past. (She has also written a novel called The Namesake, which I very much enjoyed although admittedly not as much as her short stories.)  If you haven't read any of her work, try any or all of these – she writes beautifully, her characters are engrossing and the storylines just suck you in.  No wonder the Financial Times called her “probably the most influential writer of fiction in America”." - Unaccustomed Earth

    The Clock Winder - Anne Tyler

    "It's always great to get recommended a good book by a friend whose literary tastes you share, but it's even better when she recommends a new author - especially if the author isn't new at all. Suddenly, you're looking forward not just to the few hours of pleasure that comes with getting lost in a great book, but a few days or even weeks. And so it was when a friend asked me a couple of months ago if I had read anything by Anne Tyler. Not only had I not read anything she had written, I hadn't even heard of her – despite her (I learned later) having been a professional novelist for almost 40 years. I am however starting to put that right – and, if all her books are as enjoyable as my first - The Clock Winder - I should have a treat ahead. It's the story of Elizabeth, who accepts a job as gardener for a recently widowed old woman (who spends her days winding her clocks) and is gradually - and reluctantly - drawn into the dysfunctional life of her employer's family. By turns funny and sad, romantic and tragic, the book is also uplifting, even if there is no fairy tale ending..." - The Clock Winder

    Currently I'm Reading: A Spool Of Blue Thread - Anne Tyler

    Stay tuned for the review of A Spool of Blue Thread, coming soon!