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  • Interior Design Find: Shades of Grey

    Journalist and blogger Kate Watson-Smyth has been renamed as the “goddess of grey” since her first book Shades of Grey: Decorating with the most elegant of neutrals hit the shelves earlier this month. 

    Through practical advice, expert tips and gorgeous photography the interior design insider brings us endless ways of embracing the shade of the moment. From which shade to choose to what works with it, design-savvy Kate truly is the guru of all things grey.

    Shades Of Grey: Decorating With The Most Elegant Of Neutrals, by Kate Watson-Smyth.

    Whether you want to go dark and dramatic or Nordic and pale, Kate knows just how difficult it is to get grey right; she takes everything into account in her guide-to-grey to ensure you don’t end up with a dull, dimly decorated space.

    “Invest in sample pots to get it right - it might say grey on the tin, but inside it could anything from vaguely beige to a distinctly blue colour.”

    Somewhere between masculine and feminine, grey can be strong or subtle depending on the shade and the lighting – a key factor to consider when going grey. Kate offers advice on which shade to choose for all types of lighting – cool to warm, direct sunlight to electric lighting - to help you maximize the sense of space.

    “Remember shadows will make the room darker, so take angles, alcoves, corners and windows into account when choosing your shade.”

    She even suggests which tones to look at if you have a north facing room, as the blueish light of the northern hemisphere can make a room look cooler even during the daytime!

    Photography by Rachel Whiting

    A firm believer that everything has more impact against a grey wall, Shades of Grey covers every room in the house, as the versatille colour can either be the perfect blank canvas or the star of the show!

    Kate suggests going as dark as you dare in the living room for maximum impact, using pops of colour and natural wood to add warmth, while in the bedroom she recommends a light grey tone to create a restful space, complimented by white bed linen and coloured throws that you can change with the seasons.

    “Grey really does go with all the other colours on the wheel, so throw in some pink until you feel like a change and then swap it for orange or yellow. It’s more affordable to swap the accessories than the wall colour!”

    From creating layers of texture to adding accents of marble, monochrome and metallic, her how to tips and “fancy that” facts are incredibly insightful and can easily be replicated in the real life home. While her out-of-this-world interior images are guaranteed to inspire even the laziest of decorators!

    It’s safe to say here at hush we love every shade of grey. Our new collection is filled with every colour on the spectrum from charcoals and silver to the lightest of greys, so we’re fully embracing the grey scale palette this spring…

    Visit Kate's interiors blog Mad About The House to find even more lust worthy home inspiration, and shop our shades of grey to fill your wardrobe.