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  • Sleep Tips

    Specialising in stylish beds, luxurious mattresses and everything you need for the land of nod, our friends at Button & Sprung have rustled up eight easy ways to help you get your precious beauty sleep...

    We all try to get enough sleep, but life is hectic, and getting a good portion of zzz’s each night can easily slip down our list of daily priorities.

    Often making do with too little or disrupted shuteye, we forget how essential a good night’s sleep truly is. Vital for our overall health and well being, sleep has the power to enhance your mood and can even make you more productive.

    So from the temperature to bedtimings, here's eight ways to get those golden eight hours...

    1. Create a bedroom sanctuary – clear the clutter, eliminate all distracting technology, dim the lights and surround yourself with luxuriously soft furnishings to help you fully unwind and relax. 
    2. Make sure you’re sleeping at the right temperature – heat really can affect the way you sleep, making you restless. Choose a mattress that can breathe, natural fillings such as wool are the best at regulating heat.
    3. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking too much alcohol before bed as it can upset your sleeping pattern. Having a herbal tea or warm milky drink is a better bedtime choice.
    4. Make your bed as comfortable as possible. It’s simple - the comfier you are, the less likely you are to wake up during the night. If you share your bed try and allow plenty of room for you and your partner, so you don’t disrupt each other during the night. Your mattress should be supportive, with the pressure distributed evenly across your body.
    5. The darker and quieter your room, the better.
    6. Try to stick to a regular sleeping routine by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, easier said than done but definitely achievable.
    7. Keep a notebook next to your bed to jot down any worries or thoughts, so you can let them go but won’t forget them in the morning.
    8. And finally… treat yourself to some cosy and comfortable nightwear! Choosing the perfect pair of pj’s, which you can’t wait to put on in the evening (or the minute you step through the door), helps you prioritize getting ready for bed and allows you plenty of time to properly wind down before you hit the hay.

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