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  • Summer Skin SOS

    Beauty experts and co-founders of Balance Me, Rebecca and Clare Hopkins, share their tried-and-tested rules for staying safe in the sun and keeping that radiant glow all summer long...

    F A K E  I T  T I L L  Y O U  M A K E  I T 

    "We don't all start summer with a perfect tan and some of us may even prefer to stay out of the heat altogether! Our trick for a bespoke natural glow is to mix several drops of our Gradual Tanning Drops into your face or body cream before you go to sleep. Meaning you wake up with a beautifully sun-kissed complexion from head to toe."

    P R E - S U N  P R E P

    "Before you head out into the rays don’t forgot to deeply cleanse and exfoliate with our Pure Skin Face Wash. This will help to clean away any excess oil, prime and firm your complexion and remove dead skin - ensuring a smoother base for that all-important summer glow."

    S T A Y  S U N  S A F E 

    "As much as we love the sun, or at least the idea of warmth on our skin, we are all aware of its potentially damaging impact on our skin. But don't panic, we have two natural, chemical-free SPF25 summer essentials (one with and one without a mineral tint). So if you’re venturing to sunnier climates, try to stay clear of the midday sun and make sure you prioritise protecting your skin, especially the more delicate skin on your face and décolletage."

    K E E P  C O O L 

    "No need to get hot and bothered on the beach. Refresh yourself with a cooling shot of super plumping moisture and calm the skin with our Hyaluronic Plumping Mist. Top Tip - for an even more refreshing experience keep it in the fridge until you hit the beach."

    E V E N I N G  G L O W

    "After a long (albeit relaxing) day on the beach, take some time for a little post-sunshine skin rejuvenation. Start with a full face and body cleanse to ensure you remove all sun cream used throughout the day. Don't forget the under-eye area is particularity sensitive so ensure you use our triple-action Wonder Eye Cream to soothe post sun exposure. Finally apply Radiance Face Oil to instantly plump and soothe sun weary skin, so you can head out for that well-deserved cocktail with a radiant glow to match the sunset."

    hush X Balance Me Summer Skincare Set

    We've teamed up with Balance Me this summer to create a 'Summer Skincare Set', £29.50 (worth £92) - the ultimate beach accessory. Inside out holiday-inspired jelly bag you'll find six travel size skincare essentials. Ideal for keeping your skin sorted throughout summer.

    Products include:

    1. Congested Skin Serum 7ml - worth £10
    2. Moisture Rich Face Cream 20ml - worth £12
    3. Wonder Eye Cream 7ml - worth £10
    4. Pure Skin Face Wash 40ml - worth £10
    5. Radiance Face Oil 10ml - worth £15
    6. Hyaluronic Plumping Mist 5ml - worth £6

    Shop our hush X Balance Me Summer Skincare Set here!