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  • The Love Letter 2.0

    Meet Natasha and Alex: friends, partners-in-crime, and the journalist duo behind online style and lifestyle magazine, Wear & Where. Nearly two decades ago they met in a magazine office – since then they’ve forged a firm friendship and even launched a business together. 

    One of the key themes for our autumn collection has been to celebrate a sense of togetherness and sisterhood, so we asked them both to write a ‘love letter’ to one another - because why shouldn’t we celebrate our friendships as much as our romantic relationships? We hope it inspires you to write a similar letter to a forever friend.

    Dear Alex,    

    It could have all gone so terribly wrong. When we first met, you had the job I wanted (you were an actual assistant on InStyle magazine, I was just the lowly work experience girl). Fortunately, no job – however great (hello, former travel editor of Brides…) was ever going to get in the way of our friendship.

    It wasn’t just that we had that mystical click that occurs when you meet a kindred spirit. It’s more the fact you deliver what true friends should (that usual short order of love, support, kindness, wit, fun etc.). It’s that you’re a life-enhancing force.  Have I ever told you how brave I thought you were to throw in the ‘dream job’ to travel and freelance? When my time came, remembering it inspired me to make the leap. That you were a torch in the darkness of those early sleep-deprived days of motherhood? You had your first baby only five months before I did, and made it seem not just do-able, but showed me how much fun it could be – providing the coffee is strong enough. You have always inspired me: as a woman, a mother, a writer.

    Ours is a friendship forged over shared experiences (those crazy early days) and deepened by the later ones (the seismic shift of parenthood, the joys and inevitable sorrows that come with time). Had you been less of a ‘find’, we could have easily slipped apart when we moved on, but you were too good to lose. As with all the best friendships, our differences are interesting, not divisive, and I love that we both share absolute certainty about what matters: family, quality of writing, leopard print, cinnamon buns, Strictly, and – yes – friendship.

    With love from,

    NP xx

    Dear Natasha, 

    I can’t believe it’s 18 years since we first clapped eyes on each other. I can’t pretend that I remember the details (although I do think you were wearing a rather lovely white shirt, but this could be because you do love a white shirt), but I can remember that we clicked straight away. Whether it was the bonkersness of our jobs as features assistants, the copious amounts of free champagne we were given at the endless press events we attended, or more likely, your kindness, intelligence and loveliness, we just clicked. 

    In many ways we are different –you love to cook whereas I hate it, you don’t drink tea (a fact that still dumbfounds me), your cultural tastes are quite high brow, mine are a little trashier… (although on reflection – you were the one who told me I simply ‘must watch Love Island’). But in the most important ways we are similar (we both love Strictly and cinnamon buns for starters) and I hope that some of the traits I see in you are some of the ones I also possess. Loyalty, kindness, generosity and strength are in your DNA, bound together by a wit sharper than a killer stiletto. It’s these qualities that make me value your friendship so much and I feel very lucky to have a friendship like ours. 

    We live a long way apart – one of us in the city, the other in a field, but location doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship. Good friendships stand the test of time, distance and even the odd argument. Great friendships buoy you up when you’re down and ground you if you ever fly too close to the sun. Someone once told me that women need a tribe, a community of friends to hold close and keep you sane. You’re part of my tribe Natasha and it means more than you’ll ever know. Although, I don’t think I’ll ever understand why you don’t love a cup of Builder’s…. 



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