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  • This Season’s Key Pieces

    Victoria Moss is one of The Telegraph’s fashion insiders. She’s worked her way up from Editor’s PA at InStyle, via Marie Claire and now has her “dream job” – although she is currently on maternity leave with her first baby. This doesn’t mean she’s taken her eye off the sartorial ball however, as we discovered when we chatted to her about her take on autumn winter style - and her favourite pieces from the new hush collection... 

    How would you describe your personal style? 

    Even though I always ask other people this all the time in interviews, I find it very hard to answer for myself. I suppose I am quite classic with an edge. My ideal outfit would be a grungy printed midi dress like the Ren Dress, navy jumper and chunky black boots - like the Derby Buckle Boots. I always think there should be something a bit off. If I'm wearing a dress I will pair it with a clumpy pair of shoes or boots. I'm rarely dressed up. 

    Which pieces would your wardrobe be incomplete without?

    Navy and grey jumpers, hefty black boots. And I love a chunky, ugly shoe. 

    Who are your style gurus?

    I don't believe in celebrity fashion heroes as they all have stylists, so I look at other fashion editors and friends for ideas. Amanda Harlech is probably the chicest woman I can think of. 

    What do you wear to feel instantly dressed up?

    I love a great dress you can chuck on and feel wonderful in - or a statement pair of earrings like the Mini Tassel Earrings - they're the perfect 'it jewellery' piece and are the easiest way to ramp up my existing wardrobe. 

    What are the main trends this season, and how can we work them into our wardrobes with pieces from the new collection? 

    These days there are never really definitive trends, and to be honest I really don't believe that much in trends, I love it when the new collections come in, but for me it’s about finding the piece that helps you build on your existing wardrobe and fit into what you already like and know works for you. I always end up buying new, tweaked versions of pieces I already own.

    This winter's collections did have a purveying grown up, classic elegance to them which means there should be lots to appeal and have longevity. The Max Mara show was a case in point - all head to toe looks in either red, camel, navy, grey and black. Get the look with the oversized Christie Coat, worn over a luxe knit and loose leg Ashley Trousers in charcoal marl. 

    I also loved the Dior show - the low-slung pleated skirts worn with a chunky jumper - for me that's a no-brainer flattering winter look that would work for any occasion. Team the Metallic Colourblock Jumper with the Marina Skirt to achieve this look. 

    Trends aside, layering is the straightforward way to ease into winter: the best days are where you can still get away with wearing a skirt or dress with bare legs and a chunky boot. You'll also find me wearing a tailored blazer over a shirt (or a light knit if it's a bit chilly) with jeans or a posh track pant. Then, once the cold sets in, I'd pop an oversized overcoat, like the Christie Coat, on top - in either camel or navy - I love both!  

    What's your off-duty look?

    I'm fortunate that I can really wear anything to work and so I don't differentiate between off and on duty: even if I'm sat in the house all day (which with a 10 week old baby sometimes happens), I still put on something I love and feel great in. I'm a real believer in the transformative nature of clothing and never saving anything for best (a waste of money apart from anything) - unless it’s a black tie ballgown  - and I don't really own any of those anyway (or have may balls to attend!). I'll dress up casual pieces and dress down fancier things. 

    Favourite outfit you've ever worn?

    The Giles Deacon dress I wore to my wedding. Traditional wedding dresses weren't for me, but the mushroom printed empire line gown from him was my idea of the perfect look, as were the pale pink Prada Mary Jane heels I wore with it. 

    You're currently...

    Listening to... Radiohead for babies.

    Watching... The Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Thrones
    (and basically everything on netflix/now tv - living that mat live dream).

    Reading... Zadie Smith's Swing Time.

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