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  • Travel In Style (like a Fashion Editor)

    Angela Buttolph is a mainstay on the British fashion scene. She’s a writer (currently Grazia’s Editor at Large), television presenter, and has walked the red carpet as a fashion commentator. She even once sold her entire wardrobe for a feature for Vogue (an exercise she won’t be repeating). Suffice to say: this woman knows fashion.

    She’s also well versed in the art of clever packing – be that for a trip to cover the shows, award season or ‘just’ (parents of small children will sympathise) a weekend away with her husband. As she points out, “any romance is welcome when you’re a parent.” So we set her this not unpleasant task: a weekend away, and the hush pieces she’d pack...

    Travel in Style
    A Day Trip
    Evening Drinks
    Dinner for Two

    How would you describe your style: by day and by night?

    Day: leggy and edgy. Night: leggy and elegant.

    How has it changed over the years?

    I think my style is less obviously sexy now. I think that’s partly being older, and partly being married and partly also because I’m not sure that’s really where fashion is at right now.

    Whose look do you admire?

    Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert (Contributing Fashion Editor, W and Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue Japan) – she is so good with colour.

    What are your three non-negotiable wardrobe essentials?

    Short answer: Skinny trousers, tough jackets and printed dresses.

    Long answer: Prints, I love a print – the more colourful, the better. A matching patterned top and trousers makes me very happy. I’m also really into white dresses at the moment. Usually white with a bit of print. I think it’s a reaction against having a kid and wanting to wear something totally impractical for once.

    What trends will you be trying for SS17?

    I'm excited about all the bright pink everywhere - such a good colour; and the return of the kitten heel. Plus I'm going to give handkerchief hem skirts a go, and I love all the ruffle skirts worn with slogan T-shirts.

    Your best styling tip?

    Well, this season I’m going to be wearing a lot of slogan T-shirts with long ruffly skirts...

    Is there anything you'd never ever wear?

    I’m not a big fan of pastels. They really wash me out. When fashion is going there I tend to do more candy shades, i.e. bright pastels!

    What one thing makes you feel dressed up?

    A dress!

    What are your beauty essentials?

    Liquid eyeliner! I’m never without it. And Le Labo Rose 31 perfume.

    If we were to give you the gift of a weekend away: where would you go?

    I’ve always wanted to take my husband to Burgh Island, the Art Deco hotel on an actual island (you reach it by sea tractor) because he’s obsessed with Agatha Christie and she used to stay there (and set two of her novels there).

    Now, you have a child-free weekend, what do you read/listen to/watch?

    I’m currently having a Netflix binge and alternating between The Crown, and Gilmore Girls (it’s terrible but I can’t stop watching it!). I’ll listen to some Hinds or Savages. And I’m going to devour Kate Nelson Best’s A History Of Fashion Journalism.

    Follow Angela on Twitter @AngelaButtolph for more packing inspiration, and shop our new spring 17 collection here