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  • Warm Truffled Peas & Broad Bean Salad

    A delicious spring dish, this warm salad of truffled peas and broad beans with caramelised shallot vinaigrette and pea purée recipe comes from Sam Moody, the Executive Head Chef at The Bath Priory Restaurant. And can conveniently be made using frozen peas! 

    Warm Salad of Truffled Peas and Broad Beans with Caramelised Shallot Vinaigrette and Pea Purée

    Serves 4

    I N G R E D I E N T S 

    60g fresh English peas
    60g fresh English broad beans
    350g frozen peas
    500g finely chopped shallots
    500ml extra virgin olive oil
    50ml sherry vinegar
    1 Wiltshire truffle (or similar)
    Pea shoots for garnish
    For the shallot vinaigrette

    M E T H O D

    Heat the oil gently (without letting it boil) and add the finely chopped shallots and a good pinch of table salt. Cook out on a medium heat for approximately 30 minutes, or until the shallots have darkened and cooked through. Now remove from the heat and add the vinegar. This can be set aside to cool to room temperature. These quantities make a good amount of vinaigrette that can works well with chicken dishes or salads.

    For the pea purée 

    Blanch the frozen peas in boiling water for one minute then remove and refresh in cold water. Once cold, mash the peas up using a rolling pin or in a food processor making sure you don’t blitz them too fine. Now put through a fine sieve to make a smooth puree. Finish with salt and ground white pepper, also a little sugar should it need it.

    For the fresh peas and broad beans

    Both the peas and broad beans need to be popped out of the pod and then blanched in boiling, salted water. The peas need blanching for roughly a minute and refreshing in cold water. The broad beans need 2 minutes in boiling water then refreshing. Broad beans also have a very bitter outer case which needs removing before consuming.

    To finish

    Mix the fresh peas and beans with 60ml of shallot vinaigrette, and a good amount of grated truffle now heat very slowly to ensure the peas and beans don’t discolour. Put a teaspoon of the pea puree on each plate and add a tablespoon and a half of the peas and beans. Garnish the plate with a few slices of truffle and fresh pea shoots.