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  • A Cool Girl’s Guide to Miami

    The largest Cuban city in the world after Havana, Miami has an intoxicating, eclectic blend of South Beach Glamour, miles of golden sands, the ice cream colours of its Art Deco district, super cool Wynwood Walls and a distinct party vibe. 

    Miami-based photographer Amanda Julca has a certain knack for finding the coolest, most beautiful, most instagram-worthy places. 

    From the best foodie hangouts, to vibrant tropical gardens and laid-back trend setting bars, here's her insider's guide to Florida's most stylish city...

    How would you describe Miami to someone who has never been?

    Affectionately known as the ‘Magic City’, Miami is a burgeoning tropical paradise - a multicultural, multifaceted mecca by the sea. Miami is full of experiences to be had from sunrise to well... sunrise all over again. There is no shortage of things to do - from relaxed seaside beach days, exploring the painted walls and indie bars of Wynwood, getting fancy in glitzy historic hotel bars of South Beach, to strolling one of them many colourful and historic neighbourhoods. 

    Describe your perfect Saturday in Miami...

    The perfect Saturday in Miami would involve picking up morning treats (my fav: a bold cold brew and pastry from Vice City Bean), hoping on a bike cruiser en route to the beach for a full day of relaxation and sun bathing, breaking only for fresh fish ceviche and tostones for lunch (Mi Ceviche delivers straight to your town on the sand!). By nightfall, I’d join all the other locals and visitors to enjoy the best in handcrafted cocktails at the best outdoor cocktail bar Broken Shaker.

    Breakfast Out: JugoFreshAngelina’s and S&S Diner

    If it’s a weekday breakfast, it’s a quick and clean green juice from JugoFresh in downtown or a acai bowl from Angelina’s in Midtown. If it’s a weekend breakfast, you can find me at my favourite neighbourhood spot S&S Diner because waffles. and coffee. 

    Lunch Break : Della Bowls and Coyo Taco

    Head to Wynwood for a delicious bowl at Della or Coyo Taco for Taco's and convo's. 

    Must-See Tourist Spot: Vizcaya Gardens

    Simply, heaven on earth.

    Girl's Night Out: Lagniappe

    Lagniappe for sharing a good bottle (or few) of wine and live local music. 

    Dinner with Friends: PB Sushi

    PB Sushi on Sunset Harbour in Miami Beach. Hands down.

    Dream Date Night: Soya Y Pomodoro, Pawn Broker and Chat Noir 

    Italian dinner at Soya Y Pomodoro, rooftop cocktails and dessert at Pawn Broker and late night live jazz in downtown’s best kept secret Chat Noir. 

    Best Place to Stay: The Standard Hotel and Spa

    Located on Belle Isle in Miami Beach - modern design, tropical gardens, poolside cocktails, bayside sunsets, what is there not to love about this paradise staycation location...

    And lastly, describe Miami in three words:

    Paradise. Community. Eccentric. 

    Amanda is a travel, lifestyle and portrait photographer, follow her on instagram @amanda_julca and visit her website here